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Highlighted names feature in one or more practical jokes covered on this site.

1966 Apprentice intake

Annals, Trevor (Tree Horn)
Blake, Dave
Bishop, (Steve ?) Morgan, ? (Mogs)
Boley, Dave (Officer Bolix)  
Burley, Ray
Carter, Jon  
Davis, Alan  
Deer, John (John the Dog)  
Jones, Kev  
Lewis, Alan (Lunis)  
Lewis, Ian (Lenny)  
Metherell, Derek  
Morgan, ? (Japman)  
McKay, Paul  
Page, Roy  
Ben Lynch, Gus Moore, Don Knight + Chalkie White (ATO)
? Gray (Forgot his nickname) ? Andrews
Dutchy Holland Who were the other airframe guys?
Jas Hurd  
Pincher Martin  

Others mentioned in these pages

Charlie Nesbitt J Hangar - Flight Test Technical Supervisor
Alf Wilson, Robert Azavedo Instrument Shop
Nancy Frost, Gladys, Bill, Les Clack LRS & Instrument Shop
Harry Cobbledick (Stoneballs) LRS & Instrument Shop Officer
Ray Fuller Instrument Shop
Alf ?, Jim Frost, Curly Fowler Radio Shop
Tom Foley, Ben Middlewood Radio / RADAR Shop Officer & his writer
Robby Robinson, Brian Norris RADAR Shop
Dennis Brightman, Robert Fall RADAR Shop
Harry Titheridge RADAR Shop
James Vote, John Veazey, Kipper Kemp RADAR Shop
John Machin, Manny Cox, Martin Reed RADAR Shop
Mick White, Monkey Gibbons RADAR Shop
Owen Marshall, Phil Carter, Ray Wood RADAR Shop
Sooty Stewart, Tich Stewart RADAR Shop
Wimpy Pym, Chris Allen, Charlie Cooper RADAR Shop
Commander Ron Champion Second in command to the Captain
FONAC (Annual visit) Flag Officer Naval Air Command
Ken Dracket Plating Shop then Fire Crew
Basil (Bill) Bailey Heliport Fire Station

I am working from memories of thirty years or more ago on this page. There will be mistakes and omissions but please help me rather than complain.

See the contacts page for details of how to get in touch.

I especially need help from the airframe and engine guys.

If any of the Irish contingent are reading this - we would love to hear from you.

Lastly - most of the names are those that I came into contact with at the time the events in these pages took place. It is not an employee register.

If you want to add names and incidents from later years that is fine. The more people that contribute to this site the more interesting it will be.



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