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1970 Apprentice Entry
1972 Apprentice intake
Ray Farrell
Brian Grimmet
Steve Hood
Alfie Barker
Dave Newcombe
Nigel Hammond
Phil Bennett
Brian Martin
Vince Parsons
Bob McKay
Steve Duggan
Steve Heyward
Paul Hicks
Brian Bennett
Pete Hatton
Alan Emery
Chris Snook
Dick Owen
Barry Webb
Dave Malpas
Steve Rowling
Dave Millard
Tim Markowicz
Paul Eyles
Alan Gouge
1973 Entry. (Click picture to see full size)
(Thanks to Dave Allen for this photo)

1973 Apprentice Entry

Justin Ford
Keith Askam
Dave Allen
Mick Cardogan
Rick Wood
Dinger Bell
Tony Marsh
Derek ?
Steve Batt
? Spencely
Gary Buckland
John Funnell
Gary ?
Steve Hill
Martin Suter
John Abbott
Gary Spreatling
Neil Hooper
Derek Warwick
Gary Seymour
John ?
Andy Dare
Martin Priest
? ?
Sorry this page is a bit of a mess - I'll make it into a proper album later - Jon












The picture on the left is of the 1972 intake. Many thanks to Phil Bennett for supplying it.

Thanks also to Brian Grimmet for filling in the gaps.

Please send me any corrections or any other pictures or materials that may be of interest.




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